How to know if Obsidian encryption is working?

I purchased the Sync plugin from Obsidian hoping to have access to the files I created on my iMac from my laptop but I’m not sure encryption is working. What is the best way to test/see that it is?

I created a Remote Vault on Dropbox. I thought I would need my encryption password to access the files in that vault on Dropbox. I was able to open the files using Visual Studio without a password.

Please help me understand what I’m missing.

I have exactly the same question but I also could not find out a way to check it. I never had to use the pass phrase to decrypt any vault. I guess it is stored into my keychain after I enter that during the first connection

I suggest asking this sort of question over on the Obsidian forum:

I don’t know the answer offhand, but someone there might. Otherwise I’ll try to chase it down for you.