How to link to a file in icloud with ios?

I am looking for a way to create a link to a file that is in icloud, using ios. In my mind this should be very easy, but I cannot figure it out.

Use case: I want to put the link in Fantastical or in Things so I can jump from my to do or calendar event to a file. The two main types of files I am intrested are pdf and Numbers.

I tried searching for a URL scheme for the Files app, but I could not fine any.
Does that exist? How does it look like?

I could use Shortcut, but the Get File action only works with files in the /Shortcut folders, not with other folders.

As last resort, I heard that Scriptable is very powerful with files in icloud, but I have no idea how to use Java Script.

Any one can help?


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The get file action in Shortcuts can work with files outside of /Shortcuts - but you have to navigate to the file each time. I think that’s the easiest option probably. Maybe you could save links for regularly used files in another shortcut.

Could you give me a hint on how to save links to files in another shortcut?

Another solution I tried was to open the Number file many times, so I got a Siri Shortcut file link. Unfortunately the resulting shortcut is working 85% of the times, sometimes it just opens Numbers, but not the right file.

This is a small frustration with iOS, something that is very easy and I use often on Windows and Mac, seemingly not existing on ios.