How to locate your 1Password 7 Vault on your Mac

With the news that 1PW 8 is eliminating standalone vaults, I’ve been exploring other PW managers—either to replace or use with 1PW. I’ve landed on KeePassXC (Mac) and StrongBox + Cryptomator (iOS).

A handy KeePassXC feature is its ability to import from a 1PW vault—a more convenient option than importing a CSV file. Well… that is if you can find the vault on your Mac. After some digging, I learned that you need to enable a sync option under your 1PW preferences. Using a WLAN server does not count.

Since the point of maintaining a local vault was to avoid third-party servers (“the cloud”), I chose to sync to a local folder and, viola, 1PW 7 created a .opvault file that I easily imported into KeePassXC.

I hope this helps someone.

Note: This post assumes that you’ve enabled “local vaults” under the Advanced preferences menu… Handy for sensitive PWs that you want to maintain locally or company log-ins that may not be hosted on external servers. Just need to be mindful of backups. This feature is going away with 1PW 8.

Bonus: It’s always worth your time to review your password security. I highly recommend you read Security Supremacy: A Guide To The Perfect 1Password Setup and take small steps to improve your online security.