How to make a window hover

Hi is there any way to make a window hover above all other windows (so it never gets hidden by other windows/apps)? If so, how? Thanks.

If the application in question doesn’t offer this option itself (some do), then I think Afloat is perhaps your only OS-wide option. It appears to no longer work… and I’ve never used it, so I can’t say much a bout it other than it looks kind of hacky for my tastes.

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Afloat was janky at best and it seemed to require a level of operating system modification that made me uncomfortable. I was relieved to uninstall it.

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That’s a capability available in Linux and I have a friend who loves it. I tried it with Afloat on Mac – it seemed like one of those things that sounds better than it works. In practice, tiling windows side-by-side is better for me.

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Depending on why you want to make your window hover this might not meet your need but I’ve been really digging Quitter — A free menu bar app by Marco Arment which I discovered via MPU. This has been a game changer for me in screen/window management.


I use screenfloat to snap screen shots that float. It works well.

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This, and focus-follows-mouse are the things that I miss most about using Linux as my main desktop OS. The tradeoffs have been more than worthwhile, but I’d sure like to see some of these features make it into macOS.

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Thanks everyone. Are there any other ways to make a window hover on Mac OS?

I’ve checked the options mentioned above and none of them seem to provide what I’m looking for. I want to be able to easily make any window hover, so hovering screenshots or automatically quitting apps would not work for this purpose.

Maybe there’s been some new developments over the past year that now allows windows to hover? Or any other creative solutions like using Keyboard Maestro or something?