How to make applications windows locations sticky or preset?

I would like to be able to preset the location for a few application windows, so that when I start working on a particular project, I can click a preset and they all get put in a particular location on my screen.

I spend a lot of time resizing and positioning windows each day. I would like to make better use of our 27" and 24" screens in the same way each day.

Being able to set Mail, BusyCal, OmniFocus, Messages and Safari in different configurations at the click of a mouse would be wonderful.

What software exists which can help make that happen?
I look forward to learning more… Thank you

I think I’ve seen Magnet mentioned somewhere in this forum for that purpose.

I use Keyboard Maestro for this.

I use Moom snapshots for this

Also Brett Terpstra’s app, Bunch.

Moom can do that by saving your setups but limited to specific spaces. It can’t move apps across spaces which is a pity.