How to make iPad used via Sidecar display 2 instead of 1?

Yesterday I finally had a use case for Sidecar and hooked up my iPad Pro 10.5" as a second screen to my 2019 MacBook Pro 16". Unfortunately macOS BigSur 11.4 considered the iPad to be the primary display, so all my Keyboard Maestro macro’s opened Apps on the iPad instead of my Mac.

How can I tell macOS that I want the Mac to be the primary display?

I tried by dragging the white menubar from the iPad display to the Mac display in the Display pane of System Settings, but that did not help…

Huh. That should have worked. Odd that it did not.

I’m not sure what you mean by “primary” - unless you mean the menu bar. Note that the Control-Tab switcher will appear on whatever display has the Dock, regardless of where the menu bar is (which I find annoying, because I want to keep my Dock on the left, where my iPad screen is, but want my App Switcher on the display with the menu bar).

There’s a button on the interface in the ipad when it is in sidecar mode to switch the dock between the Mac and the ipad and i think that will do you what you want (responding when not at home so can’t be more specific, sorry)

And in hindsight it probably did…

I have this Keyboard Maestro macro which opens Apps full screen. I thought it would do that on the “primary” monitor, but now that I actually inspected the macro I see that it uses:

  • the current monitor, if there’s only one screen
  • screen 1, if there’s more than one

That works fine when my MacBook is the primary screen, but I want Apps to appear on a larger external monitor (screen 1) (my regular setup in the office 15 months ago and also when working at home in my study room).

Now with the iPad and Sidecar (outside of my study room), the external screen is actually smaller than the MacBook, so I guess I need to improve my Keyboard Maestro macro to take the resolutions into account!