How to move Messages from one iPhone to another

I have to migrate all from one iPhone to another. Last thing for me is just SMS migration.
I know that I can sync my all iMessages just using iCloud which is great :slight_smile:

The problem is that this not works for just standard text messages (SMS).

Please help me how to migrate other than iMessages text SMS ?

Thanks in advance for any help or advise!

It should work for both iMessages and sms. Also you could restore from a iTunes backup of your current device.

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Back-Up your iPhone trough iTunes and make sure to check the Encrypt box so passwords and other data will be backed up. Then restore to your new iPhone.

Alternatively you could try iAmazing.

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@Krzysztof did everything work out?

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Yeah it would be nice if people would follow-up if the advice given worked or not…


Thank you.
I looks like iMessage and SMS are sync by iCloud.
The only problem is that this works not live just somehow unpredictable once a day?

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It’s not instantaneous but does work. I’m sure things will get better as iOS 12 updates come forward too.