How to move your SMS from Android to iOS?

In the best of all worlds it would be a breeze to move all my SMS (text messages) from my Android phone to my new iPhone XR.
Here comes the problem: I can’t make the Apple software in the iPhone and Android to talk with each other.
Have any of you been in this situation, too?
How did you solve it?
Is there any other working software to somehow move my text message from Andorid to iPhone?

You can try Android File Transfer (AFT) from and try and get your files moved. Be warned, it doesn’t look like AFT has been updated in awhile. When you get to the website notice it calls for Mac OS X 10.7 (seven levels behind Mojave). I have found AFT to be a not well behaved program. It appears to keep another program I use, Commander One Pro ( a Finder replacement) from seeing the Android phone I have mounted via a usb cable. If I uninstall AFT, Commander One will see the Android phone. If you try AFT and then notice your Mac behaving strange I would look at AFT as the cause.