How to OCR in Danish and English of PDFs on iPad Pro?



I need to perform OCR on a PDF. I currently use PDF Expert for iOS, but I don’t see an option to perform OCR.

Does anyone know of a good to perform OCR in both Danish and English on iOS?

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Its ABBYY, so it works :slight_smile:


Readdle’s Scanner Pro has OCR built in. Just download the appropriate language packs and go. It isn’t perfect, but I find it’s way better than typing in everything by hand.


Thanks. I use Scanbot which also has OCR built in. But I’m not sure how to perform an OCR scan from a PDF that already exists


Open the PDF, then use the share sheet and choose the “Copy to Scanbot” option. Should work.


Scanbot support mentions these limitations when scanning pdfs with Scanbot:

“However, please note that Scanbot can only perform OCR on 1 document at a time and only while Scanbot is opened and the iPad is unlocked. It might take a while depending on how bulky the documents are.”

Does anyone know of a better app to perform OCR on the iPad Pro?