How to open alias files on iOS

Trying to find a solution and hope someone can give me some pointers.

My typical scenario is I have a file that I would ideally like to be in 2 different locations, i.e. under client folder but also under case folder. These files are usually PDFs, but sometimes could be spreadsheets or word processing documents.

I am using iCloud for my primary cloud storage and syncing.

On the Mac, fairly easy, just create an alias. However when I go to open them on the iPad…nothing.

Is there not a way to use aliases on both devices, Mac and iPad?

I’m not aware of any way to do this. One app I use, FileBrowser for Business, allows you to create “Bookmarks” to files and folders on remote locations (file servers, Dropbox, etc.) but not on iCloud. Hopefully someone else is better informed.

Would syncing these folders automatically work for you? Chronosync is one way to do this. You could create a task to sync your Client folder and Case folder and schedule it to run any time a file is added, deleted, or modified. It can also archive changes or deletions to protect your data.

I have (came here with) the same question. If I find an answer, I’ll come back. In the meantime, I see this will be bumped to the top.

I can’t believe this is a real problem, that Apple would have left this unsolved. Maybe folks just do use aliases much. I do the same sort of thing Nick does, albeit the a different structure…TBC

No luck yet; from the Apple Communities:

  • Obscure but interesting “help” from the Apple Communities.

We’ll see what my request results in…

Some others:

But I did write to Toolbox Pro to see if they might be able to actually answer the question.

Pretty sad Apple would just leave this hanging.