How to open photography file

I have a black and white contact sheet that I made for my photography class decades ago. I am not having any luck trying to open it. I’ve opened it before but it has been at least 10 years ago. The photos are precious as they are of my Mom, my little brother and his dog none of whom are with us any more.

I would REALLY appreciate it if you can help me get it open. I have all sorts of photography apps, especially for the iPad.

Unix Executable File

Maybe GraphicConverter. It’s been around a very long time.

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How about manually giving it the .jpg or .pdf file extension and trying to open it?


It worked!!! OMG! I LOVE this place. You guys are sensational!!!


I got it opened!! Thank you ever so much!

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Now make sure you back it up in, like, 5 different places. That stuff is important.


I definitely backed it up! On my iDisk for photos I am going to do right now. It’s on my Ipad, my Mac, a thumb drive, an old external hard drive and I should do Carbon Copy Cloner. I’m pretty compulsive. I’ll send it to my nephew for safekeeping.

Thank you!