How to paste images inline in Apple Mail?

I’m really trying hard to accept Apple Mail as my new email but it has some weird personality traits that I still have to wrap my head around. One of them is: whenever I reply to an email and try to paste an image into that reply, the image ends up at the very bottom of the email and there seems to be no way of keeping it with the text that I’m writing.

When I create a new message, it works (the image stays inline), so I even tried composing the email in a new email and then copying and pasting it into the reply, but even then the picture is moved to the end of the message.

When replying to the same email in pretty much other email clients (e.g. Outlook, Mailmate, Airmail), pasting the image inline is not a problem.

Does anybody understand this?

Any chance the message you received was sent as plain text? That could be a factor.

In any event keep in mind that the receiving email client determines how a message is displayed. What they receive may not resemble what you send.

On this support page, Apple tells you how to put attachments at the ends of your messages. Do the opposite of that.

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No, the email received is HTML.

Yes, but in order for the recipient to be able to display the image inline with the text, the sender needs to specify where in the text the image should be. But that seems to be impossible in Apple Mail.

LOL, well, apparently I’m already doing that, because that page says nothing about how to paste inline images in replies.

In the mean time, I tried activating and deactivating “Always insert Attachments at the end of the message” and that seems to have done the trick. Will report back if the problem occurs again.