How to Play a .webm movie in QuickTime Player, iMovie, or Final Cut Pro?

I’m feeling like a Goober.

I used Downie to download a new video stored on our YouTube channel from our marketing department. It was downloaded as a .webm file, consequently, I can only play it in the browser. I have QuickTime Player, iMovie, and Final Cut Pro, but I can’t figure out how to convert the file to play it outside the browser. Any help will be appreciated!

You should be able to use VLC to convert the video to MP4:

Downie has postprocessing capabilities to convert to a different format. You’ll have to modify your preferences and re-download the file.

Otherwise if you’re comfortable using the command line and want to convert without re-downloading, it’s easy to use ffmpeg directly to do the conversion… ffmpeg -i input.webm output.mp4

You may need to install ffmpeg first (easiest via homebrew). Downie uses ffmpeg under the hood.

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I did not realize I could change the preferences. That worked, thanks!

I’m also going to check out the other suggestions for future use.


I’ve downloaded, thanks!


I stay as far away from the command line as possible! I know my limits! :rofl:

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Downie’s developer also makes: