How to play iTunes movies in Plex

I added a movie I bought in iTunes to Plex. When trying to play the movie (using a Mac), I get this error message: 'An error occurred trying to play this item. Please enable DRM support in your browser then try again.

Error code: D200’

How do I fix this issue?


The only way to fix the issue is to play the movie in an App that is being provided to you by Apple: that would be iTunes on Windows or the TV app on MacOS, iOS, iPadOS or tvOS.

Plex is not able to decrypt movies with DRM. If you want to use Plex for a movie, it needs to be without DRM.

If you want to play the iTunes movie in Plex, you need to remove the DRM. The answer to the question if it is legal to remove the DRM of a movie you have purchased before varies from country to country. Sometimes, it is allowed, sometimes it is not. More on that matter:

I’ve been beating the drum about the need for Universal DRM. Even Sony is no longer excited about the future prospects of Blu-ray though it will be in the PS5.

Streaming isn’t the only answer. So long as your broadband provider has caps 4k streaming is going to end up costly for a home with multiple members streaming content.

MoviesAnywhere at least collects your purchased media from multiple vendors but the goal now is to change movie licenses to a Universal DRM scheme that will allow me to playback my movies on on any hardware/software platform that supports the licensed DRM system.

I have a crappy Plex server and my used Mac mini is shipping to become my new Plex server but i’m also going to be stuck between using Plex for my DVD rips and and the mini for playing back iTunes purchased content. Ideally i’d want a single app that can do it all but the industry still has a rectal cranial inversion going.

I keep telling these Home Theater luddites clutching their 5" discs that they need to start campaigning for a next gen digital movie format. Digital downloads could be superior in quality because they don’t need to be limited by the bandwidth of optical media.

Sorry for the rant. Plex users aren’t going get any relief anytime soon until the industry catches up with modern day technology.