How to print from an iPad

I need to set up a way to print from my iPad at work.

The printer is on the network at my work address and all I have is an IP address.

Does anyone know how to set that up?

I’ve had good luck with Printer Pro:


I second Printer Pro.

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I recommend the “try before you buy” option for Readdle Printer Pro. I never got it working on my system.

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Do you know the brand and model of the work printer? A lot of printer vendors have iOS apps that can do this for you.

Hmm interesting. I don’t actually. I would have to check on Monday or Tuesday, when I have time. I will report back. Thanks a lot! This would save me a major hazzle of having to download all my iCloud files to a work PC :cold_sweat:

One other thing to try if necessary at the office. Use a browser to visit the IP address of the printer. Modern printers will often display a list of tools and other information.

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