How To Recover Deleted Folder in Obsidian

I accidently deleted a folder of notes in Obsidian. How do you recover it?


“By default, deleted files are sent to your system trash. Here you can use whatever means your system has for recovering files you’ve accidentally deleted.”

Or get it off one of your backup disks.

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Thank you for your response!! Does iPad have a system Trash Can? I did not know about it.

Current versions of Obsidian include a core plugin for “File Recovery”, which I believe is activated by default. File recovery takes snapshots of files, and only recovers markdown files. (Not folders; just the files in the folder.) It’s worth looking into Settings > Core Plugins and clicking the gear icon next to “File Recovery” to see what files are recoverable from snapshots. Snapshots are only kept for a few days. YMMV – no guarantees this will help your loss.


I assumed you were working on a Mac as you did not specify. My (old) iPad has a Recently Deleted location in the Files app. Not as good as on a Mac as it can be cleared by the operating system during times of low memory.

thanks!!! I’ll try looking into the settings. Thanks!!!