How to remove location menu bar icon?

Hello! I sometimes open up Maps on my Mac to see how far the drive will be to a certain location and a location menu bar icon appears in the menu bar when doing so. It is just a small annoyance since I use Bartender and it shifts my icons around when I hover over the menu bar, would anyone know how to permanently remove it? I have tried going to System Preferences > Security and Privacy, > Privacy > Location Services > System Services and unchecking the box that shows the icon when System Preferences requests my location but that didn’t fix it. I have also tried removing the locationmenu.plist file but macOS will not let me delete it! Can anyone help me out? Thanks for your time!

This icon should raise your awareness, that your location was used by an app or service.
From a “privacy” Point of View, I would wonder, if you could remove it.