How to reset values in a Numbers spreadsheet?

One of my Numbers spreadsheets uses a few numbers and checkboxes (as input) that I would like to enter quickly on my iPhone. This would go faster if I could reset everything (numbers set to zero, checkboxes not checked) by pressing a single button, instead of modifying every single item.

Can this be done in Numbers? How?

(I was thinking of adding a button that executes a macro, but both are not possible?)

I don’t think Numbers really has a way to do that. One option would be to have a copy of the table with the values you want to start with and then copy and paste those values into the table/column you edit. This is probably what I’d do.

There are 3rd party tools like Keyboard Maestro that you could program to do this. But to me the copy-paste approach would be easiest and most main table (in case you modify the table).

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I want to do this on my iPhone, so Keyboard Maestro won’t help.

I like that idea! It works, but with one annoyance: after I paste the default column values into the actual column, that actual column becomes much wider than it was before (while both columns had the same width before the copy/paste operations).

Did you try the Edit option to paste and match style instead of a plain paste (I have no idea if this will help)?

Hmm. How about having your numbers file with all the values set to zero/unchecked, then setting up a Shortcut to save a new copy of the file and open that copy in numbers (so every time you run the shortcut you’ll get a fresh version of the file)?

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I don’t see that option on iOS.

Nice idea, but I don’t want to save multiple sheets. Perhaps I can delete the copy in the same shortcut?

I’m afraid I don’t get this to work. It looks like the Shortcuts App can only automatically handle files in the /Shortcuts/ folder on iCloud Drive, but Numbers stores a modified copy in the root folder of iCloud Drive…

On iOS it is definitely a hidden feature. Click on the cell you want to paste into. Then bottom right there is the “Cell” floating button so click on that and in the top of the little pop up window touch the paste icon which looks a bit like a clipboard. It then gives you the option to paste values or formulas. At least for me, on my iPad, if I pick to paste values then it doesn’t copy the formatting. As I said, I have no idea if this will help with the column width issue.

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Just tested on my iPhone, worked the same way.

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