How to select multiple sheets in Ulysses on iPad?

I have a book project in Ulysses with a lot of groups and sheets. I can’t figure out how to select multiple sheets on the iPad. This is easy on the Mac. I like to select multiple sheets to get a better feel for the flow of the material.

Has anyone figured out how to do this? Thanks!

Glue sheets.

To merge or glue your sheets, go to the sheet list and tap “Select”. Mark the sheets you’d like to merge and choose “More… ”, then select “Merge” or “Glue”. Glued sheets are shown with a blue bar on the left of the sheet list, and they will be exported together. To unglue your sheets, select them and select “Unglue” from the action popover.

Fantastic, so I can glue/unglue, correct? That is what I need as I only need to temporarily glue sheets together for a larger flow of thought. Thanks!!

Actually, for some reason Glue is not an option on my iPad. Am I doing something wrong? Glue is what I need because merge cannot be undone.

I think glue is only available for sheets stored in iCloud.

Do you want to select them just for review or for editing too? I usually select sheets from the library and tap export. You can read over the export preview in Ulysses, or make it into a PDF to mark up in another app like Notability or PDF Expert.

I suppose you could duplicate the selected sheets if you want to get a new sheet that includes all the content.

Sheets must be adjacent. Drag the other sheet and drop it next to the other.

I just figured out the problem. I was trying to select non-contiguous sheets some with text others with only titles. The glue feature is only available for contiguous sheets with text. Makes sense now that I think about it. Scrivener did not have this limitation.

I’m sorry I didn’t figure this out before asking for help but I appreciate it!


Is that supposed to work on an iPhone? I have several glued sheets but I can’t figure a way to read through them together other than exporting.