How to set a complex timer or reminder for health

I found this article of interest and fair in that it recognizes the difficulty of doing what is suggested.

That said, I’d like to do better at moving more. My question is, how can one set up a timer or reminder along these lines:

  1. M-F
  2. Between 7:30 - 4:00
  3. An alert/reminder every 30 minutes (between 7:30 - 4:00) to take a five minute walk

I certainly don’t want to put this in my calendar.

Any ideas aside from dropping the ridiculous idea? :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’d use Reminders to set up an individual reminder for each daily instance (one for 7:30 a.m., one for 8 a.m., one for 8:30 a.m., etc.) and set each of those to repeat on weekdays. That’s a lot of fiddling at first, but you wouldn’t have to mess with them after that. I do something similar for a thing I do three times a day.

It’s so weird that you have posted this, because my back was playing up this morning (ahead of a whole day on Zoom, of course) and I thought to myself that the stand alert on Apple Watch does not work (I ignore it) and I idly wondered whether I could set up some kind of Apple Shortcut to do alerts, and if the forum would know how to do it. THEN I wondered if there was an app that already exists and nudges people to move at a frequency of their choosing. And I figured the forum would know if that existed.

And I log on this evening (with a sore back…) and you’ve saved me a task!

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You could adapt Ian’s Awesome Counter by _DavidSmith

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Use Dueapp on the iPhone and/or Watch set to go off at 7:30 and nag (Remind) you every half hour. At 4pm you complete the action. Set it to repeat every week day

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Well, I did at least one good deed today! :slightly_smiling_face:

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That’s an interesting app., but it is only for the watch. I wish there was an iPhone version.

Thanks for the suggestions; this was tedious but not as hard as I’d imagined. I must have gone brain dead when writing the post. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m going to start with @WayneG’s suggestion and give this a go. My prediction? I’ll find it to irritating to stop every 30 minutes but I’ll try… :crossed_fingers:t2:

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I’ve come close to throwing my Apple Watch across the room when the Due app keeps doing what I told it to do. :grinning:


Speaking of watches, I really like my new U2. The bigger, always on display is great, and of course, battery life is fantastic. I have 85% since starting at around 5:30 am today. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I pretty much follow the pomodoro technique throughout the day. I even created an app to do it, but it needs a lot of work.

Most of the time I set a 25 minute timer on my watch and then stand up and walk around, setting a 5 minute timer to make sure I move around for those 5 minutes.

Good health and safety hygenie of not sitting all day is essential. I have now come to rely on my Apple Watch which automatically puts up a reminder for me to stand up and move about when it senses no movement. This feature only appears to function between 9AM and 5PM.

The other feature of the Watch is “Stand Hours”. It records when I have stood up and moved about for at least one minute in each hour of the day. The taunt for when I have not done that is it marks the hour as “Idle”.

Both features have helped me not to get oedema again. Stupidly earlier this year I sat for hours and hours binge-watching TV programmes and in consequence brought on oedema. Required a visit to my GP and a short course of diaretic tablets along with putting my feet up to get rid of it. Oedema can be painful.

It doesn’t stop at 5pm, it continues until you reach your goal. You’re just diligent and finishing before evening :joy:


I’ve downloaded an iPhone app call Chirps (free and extracts no user data) that lets you set alerts throughout the day at a frequency of your choosing. I will see how it goes!

I couldn’t see a non-painful way to set up an Apple Shortcut (I couldn’t find a trigger that said “every X minutes” - automations are based on absolute time or time relative to an absolute value).

You can set a Reminder task to repeat hourly throughout the day, but you can’t limit it and I don’t want stand alerts at 3am :joy:

Yes, watch only. (20 characters)

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