How to set a default audio input on MBP / Ventura?

Hello. I’ve looked on Apple’s website for setting a default audio input, but their instructions don’t help.

I have my MacBook Pro closed during the day and plugged into an external monitor, and therefore have to use an external microphone. The MBP doesn’t work out which microphone is the correct one, and I keep getting caught unawares in meetings because it defaults to the MBP’s microphone.

Ideally, is there a way to set a default audio input that’s universal for all apps? (I’m aware I’d then need to change this if I used my MBP when not plugged in.) This particularly seems to be a problem for Google Meet, which does whatever it likes. Zoom is much better at checking audio and visual input, and is much easier to change settings, but I’d prefer to just set this universally for all apps.

Alternatively, is there an app that would control this, and also put an icon in the menu bar? One extra annoyance is that I can’t seem to control the audio input from the menu bar, I have to open up Apple’s settings, which means when I’m fixing this hastily in meetings it is unnecessary friction (in contrast, I can control sound output straight from the menu bar, I don’t understand why audio input isn’t also a button in the menu bar?)

I use SoundSource from Rogue Amoeba for this :slight_smile:
You can set default input, also set the output on a per app basis.

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@aardy A quick reply and a perfect reply, thank you! I’ve downloaded the trial straight away and it’s exactly what I expected/need Mac to do natively, thank you for your help! And with Bartender 4 I’ve hidden Mac’s useless sound button in the menu bar and swapped it for SoundSource’s far more useful controls!

Hopefully no more silent gesturing in meetings while I correct my audio source!

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