How to set up only 8 hourly daily reminders using repeat function?

I’ve been trying to set up a reminder using Apple’s own Reminders app to repeat a prompt only eight times a day and hourly. I have not found the options for that. And am very surprised!

What am I missing?

You aren’t missing anything. I don’t think most app todo apps have that option. I would have thought Due would, but it doesn’t either. When I needed a reminder every 8 hours, I had to set up 3 different reminders and then have them each repeat every day.


Google “pill reminder” or look in the App Store. Lots of apps can give you a reminder “every X hours.”


But what if it’s not for a pill? :stuck_out_tongue:

With Due you could set it to remind you at 9am with a nag every hour to do the next thing, and make the task repeat daily.
Once you’ve done that thing enough during the day, you complete the Due tasks and it will repeat tomorrow at 9am

It’s not a repeating task, but it provides the same functionality.