How to show/display folder content via a Shortcuts shortcut

Hi MPU lovers and Shortcuts fans

I often write small notes to my wife for her to find when she comes home from work etc. That’s all nice and romantic. But the romance fades when these small paper artefacts lie all around the flat. :wink:

I have created a shortcut which opens the iPhone photo app and saves the photo in my wife’s dedicated folder. Fine. But I want to end the Shortcut shortcut by opening the specific folder and show the content (so that I can verify with my own eyes that the photo is saved correctly). Otherwise I am left with an open loop in my mind and can not really relax fully. Because the question lurkes: was the photo saved correctly?

Anyone who can help me with this seemly trivial matter?
Open and display the contents of a folder in Files (as a list or thumbnails) in a Shortcuts app shortcut.

You can modify this one.

You can try this. Change the folder to your desired folder.
open folder test

Will do
Thank you so much

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It works !!

Thank you so much.

Life has improved :weight_lifting_man:

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