How to silence Siri on watchOS 5? (activated by raising my arm)

Updated my Series 3 (Nike +) to watchOS 5 and like the raise to activate Siri. What I don’t like is that Siri now talks to me, even though I muted the watch (I intentionally never had any sounds on my Apple Watches with previous watchOS versions).

For example: when I say “Reminder”, the Siri voice asks “What do you want me to remind you of?” (note: don’t know the exact text; I’m using my native non-English language) and when I have said it the voice replies “OK, here’s your reminder” (but only shows the reminder on the watch screen). Both spoken texts are also displayed on the screen. I don’t want to hear them; I only want to see them (like before).

Is this a “feature”/bug in watchOS 5? If not, what setting should I change?

On your watch, Setting | General | Siri


Oh, I only tried the Watch App on my iPhone and could not find it there…


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