How to split a large MP3 file using a cue file, without re-encoding?

How can I split a large MP3 file using a cue file, without re-encoding the MP3 file?

(Splitting a recording of a live performance into individual songs)

On Windows I would use mp3DirectCut, but which (free?) tool can I use on macOS?

I only found Fission:

I might end up buying this application anyway, because it (also) seems good for creating a cue file (which I now already have) and that’s about the only activity I still perform on Windows that I could not find a maOS counterpart for (so now I’m ready for a 2021 M1 iMac;)).

Still I wonder whether there’s a small/free (command line?) utility for this…


XLD is great for that.

I don’t know or have a sample mp3/cue file but I found this python script which uses ffmpeg

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I tried XLD before posting, but could not get it to split without re-encoding.

How can I achieve that?

(I’m afraid the “lossless” on their web page only refers to source files, not to the splitting process)

This might work, since it uses “copy”!

Will try it later tonight when I boot up my Mac.

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Seems to work after a bit of editing! :smiley:

(It crashed because my cue file did/does not contain meta data like “artist”, “title”, and “album”)

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In a second experiment this Python script (or ffmpeg) seems to be inaccurate; it does not properly match the cue file… :cry:

(again a recording of a live show; some of the talk at the end of a song becomes part of the start of the new song with this tool)

However, mp3splt seems to do the job?! :smile:

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