How to stop Apple Mail defaulting to "image link" instead of plain links?

Hello. I would love to adjust mail settings so when plain links get added they remain plain links instead of instantly changing to what I am calling “image links”. I’ve not found how to do so. How can that change be implemented?

I am adding a couple of screenshots from inside the body of an email of the behavior I am referring to.

Apple calls these “rich previews”, and this was added to Mail in Ventura.

I didn’t know that because I don’t see it — and I suspect it’s because my default is to send plaintext email. I haven’t confirmed this.

I did see one work-around posted on the Apple forums:

“pressing ⌘K, pasting the URL into the the text field and clicking OK will insert the URL as a link without converting it into a ‘preview’. Without leaving the keyboard it’s ⌘K, ⌘V, return – faster than clicking the arrow and converting it back that way.”


You could also try this command in the Mac terminal app. I think this has been mentioned in the MPU forum, but I don’t recall where.

defaults write DisableInlineAttachmentViewing -boolean yes