How to stop constant cookie / "legitimate interest" popups?

When in Europe or the UK, different cookie banners pop up on every web page. Every. Single. Time. They are all different. Some just stop at cookies. Some have the so-called “legitimate interest” listing screeds of shady ad tracking companies taking ages to work through denying all of them.

Are there any recommended solutions to say no once and for all to everything?

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I have Hush installed on my iPad, but I can’t attest to its efficacy (which means I still get cookie nags, but maybe not as many).

SuperAgent is pretty good at automatically dealing with cookie pop-ups.

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I use StopTheScript on iOS to block JavaScript altogether so they can’t ask for cookie consent, mostly on those media outlets where I don’t interact with the websites beyond reading. It also stops most forms of creeps in terms of privacy.

There’s an alternative JavaSnipt that works on both iOS and macOS.

There’s also Cookie Blocker on both iOS and macOS which lets you selectively block cookies.

Super Agent is cool if you don’t mind them collecting some data from you.

Does StopTheMadness do this as well?

1 Like (IDCAC) is working pretty well, it just fails on some sites with low traffic but you can report those and the developer will often add them.

I briefly tested against SuperAgent, and SuperAgent did not recognize Linkedin (German) whereas IDCAC did work automatically.

Do these tools just block the pop-up or accept/reject the request for users?

I noticed that my ad blocker(s) only block(s) pop-ups, but the sites won’t work then, because the user did not make a choice :frowning:

I like consent-o-matic, it’s available on most browsers, including safari.

It’s quite amusing to watch it uncheck all the boxes when you open some sites.


Thanks for recommending Consent-O-Matic. It looks great as an open source extension with customisable rules.

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