How to switch off the "Follow Up" feature in Mac Mail MacOS?

I would love to switch off the “Follow Up” feature in Mac Mail MacOS. if you have figured out how to do that, I’d love some help.

What exactly do you mean by “Follow Up Feature”?

Get reminded to follow up on emails with no response

If you send a message and don’t receive a response in 3 days, the sent email automatically resurfaces to the top of your inbox to help you remember to follow up.

  • To ignore a follow-up suggestion, swipe right on the message in the message list.
  • To turn this feature on or off, choose Mail > Settings, click General, then select or deselect the checkbox next to “Enable message follow up suggestions.”

Thank you much @mailbuoy. :dart:

This is what I like here at MPU, I have the chance to learn every day something new! :grinning:

I wasn´t aware of that function, I have it checked on on my system (as I figured out today), and have never get a message yet.
Seems that it is not working for me anyway…

I wasn’t aware of this feature until recently and didn’t know what it was called until I read @nplanchon’s question! I think that it only works for messages going to a single recipient.

It worked for me with a message to two people yesterday morning. Unfortunately, it was a little eager. I sent the email at around 8:45 on my phone. When I got to my desk at 9, the app was already suggesting I follow up. A little soon, I think!