How to tell Mail to remember the "Load Remote Content" setting for senders?


I switched back to Apple Mail a year ago and I like the setting that blocks downloading remote content in mails. It’s a great way to block that malicious senders track whether the mail was opened or not.

However, it has been bugging me ever since that there is no “exception” or “positive list” for certain senders.
Or couldn’t I just find it?

Thanks a lot in advance :slightly_smiling_face:

"Load remote content” in is strictly On or Off

Gmail web mail allows you to select this on a per user basis but I leave it off for everyone and toggle images on as needed.

Yeah, unfortunately it is on for everyone or off for everyone.

There was a time when I was fine with toggling images on as needed.

But these days, there are so many harmless emails with images that look terrible without them from trusted senders. So, one option is to either serve data to harvesters and have nice-looking emails or to block data harvesters while having to read terrible looking emails. I would love to whitelist certain senders. Definitely something I miss, too.

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If just looking to block tracking pixel/images, on macOS there is a Mail app plugin called MailTrackerBlocker that allows one to leave “Load remote content” enabled for all emails but blocks known tracking images.