How to transfer app, data, preferences to a new Mac?

Hello…. I need to transfer music, photos, dozen of folders of docs and a handful of apps over to a new Mac.

As much as possible, I’d like to start anew installing fresh versions of the apps I use.

What I do not know how to do is transfer data from Music, Photos, Notes, Safari bookmarks and other data on my hard drive.

What are best practices and methods to accomplish those transfers which an accidental techie can do?

Thank you.

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I had a reply on a similar thread: Transferring Files and Apps to a New Mac

Excuse brevity I have to take a child to an appointment.

I’ve had to do this recently. I was not prepared.

  • back up everything (Carbon Copy cloner)

  • Notes and. Safari bookmarks were in iCloud

  • go through each app and look for

  • seat deactivation (Devonthink, PDFExpert)

  • exportable preferences :

  • VS code

  • Devonthink Pro (datebase backup )

  • PDFExpert

  • Little Snitch

  • Hazel

  • Keyboard maestro

  • Steermouse

  • Spamsieve

  • Some apps enable sync:

  • Alferd

Make a list; know the location of license codes and preference files.


Why not do as Apple suggests/recommends:
Transfer your data to your new iMac – Apple Support (UK).

Yes, you can do it manually, but …

My reason for the nuke and pave, was my old scan snap was not working. But, would work fine in my MacBook and Window’s machine. Migration Assistant works well,in a well functioning machine; but in this instance I did not want to transfer the weirdness.

Thank you all. I have more resources now.

How would I migrate the Music and Photos files with the automated assistance?

I don’t use Apple Music. I do use Photos. They just came over via iCloud. Unless the photos stored elsewhere.