How to turn off Apple Watch display but leave watch running?

Is there a way to turn of the display on my watch yet still leave the watch running? I want to wear my watch in yoga class to get credit for exercising but I’m sure it’s distracting to the other students to see the watch face turning on and off constantly as I move my arms. I read some articles saying that if you cover the display for three seconds with your hand, that will do it. However that hasn’t been working for me. I have a new watch with the latest version of the OS. Thanks.

You can turn on theater mode, which turns off raise to wake, so the display will only come I when you tap the display.


Thanks! I didn’t realize there was such a feature. Probably because I stopped going to the movies years ago. Too expensive and too loud. :slight_smile:

Theatre Mode is how I do it too, but disabling the raise-to-wake function has always been available in the Settings app as well :slight_smile: