How to turn off iPhone voicemail transcription service?

I have looked for a method. The recommendation that I found is no longer valid.

  • To to Settings->Siri->Language … THIS OPTION NO LONGER EXISTS!
  • Set the language to (something other than English)

That we cannot disable this “beta” feature has got to be someone’s idea of a joke. By example, I am now stuck waiting for an hour or more to even listen to a voicemail while its message is transcribed. What if the voicemail is an urgent message about a family tragedy???!

Da** if this “nifty trick” does not make my blood boil.


Hmm. I’ve always been able to play the voicemail even if the phone is still trying to transcribe it.

Well! Interesting. Is this a Verizon problem? What am I missing?

iOS 12.1.3

(I still also want to just turn off the transcription service entirely)


Like @ChrisUpchurch, I have never had a problem listening to a voicemail regardless of transcription status. Worst case, you should be able to dial into your voicemail account and listen the old fashioned way. For me - I’m on AT&T but this might be universal - I can dial my voicemail by holding down the “1” button in the phone app on the iPhone.

I have not been able to locate a method for disabling the transcription feature.

We don’t have it in Australia either and there are times when it would be really useful - namely when I’m in a meeting, so I can see how important the message is and how soon I have to return it.

Same experience as @ChrisUpchurch, I don’t get many phone calls, let alone voicemails, but more I’ve never had to wait for a transcription to listen… (AT&T - prepaid)