How to use screenshot app as a "virtual printer"?

I recently discovered that Windows allows you to use Snagit as a virtual printer from the Print window. This means I can take a screenshot of a webpage, document, or image by selecting Snagit as my printer from the Print window. Unfortunately, the same feature is not available for the Mac version of Snagit. Is it possible to create virtual printers with CleanShot or any other screenshot editor? If not, are there any other software that can facilitate turning a screenshot app into a virtual printer?

You could “print” everything e.g. into a PDF by just using CMD-P and the Pull-Down Menu on the lower left side of the window.
Also you could produce Screenshots, if you need for example the .jpg format, with the built in function within macOS.

What advantages could it be, to do so via an extra Screenshot App?

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You may already know this, in macOS you can take a screenshot of a window with the keyboard shortcut “shift command 4 spacebar”.

More info is available here:


For webpages, Edge on the Mac has a built-in feature to screenshot the entire page (and there are several Chrome extensions to accomplish the same task).

Cmd+Shift+4+Space does not scroll the contents of the window to capture everything; it captures just the visible part of the window.

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Sure, but with CMD+P you could easily capture the whole site as a PDF.
If you need more, you could e.g. use CleanShot X, that app also captures a screenshot while you are scrolling down a website and so on.

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FireFox for the win!

He should have included Edge as taking full-page screenshots in Edge seems to be the easiest and the most straightforward – there’s a screenshot button in the toolbar by default.

Thank you all for your feedback. I apologize for my lack of technical knowledge in the initial explanation of my use case, as well as for mentioning “browser.”

I use a work application served by Citrix, which is difficult to work with and not a browser. I am able to right click within the application and use the local Print dialogue box to select Snagit as my “printer”. This automatically prints the entire report in a nicely formatted PDF, ready to be marked up in the Snagit Editor.

Although my knowledge of these applications are limited, I’ve been fascinated by this concept of virtual “printers” which up to now I’ve seen possible with OneNote and Snagit. It’s interesting to see how similar technologies such as mmhmm and OBS can be used as “virtual cameras” or Loopback as a virtual audio source.

You really do not have to apologize for that!
Just ask in the way you understand the problem at the moment, and others here around are normally happy to help, and get the necessary informations for that with “special” questions.
That is totally normal, and a part of a Community like that, BTW welcome to MPU… :grinning: