How to use the internet to make and receiving calls


I have been assigned a google voice number for work. Rather than have it forward to my mobile service, for incoming and outgoing calls, which will use my minutes which are tiered, I would like to make and receive calls using my Mac mini. I do not know how to make that happen!

Will those of you with experience in this field, please share solutions about how I can use our fast internet for making and receiving calls?

Any hardware and software options, I would also be interested in learning about.

Thank you

Never used it, but google search is your friend.

I have my Google Voice number connected to Google Hangouts.

I’ve had a Google voice account since before Google bought out the original developer GrandCentral in 2009. (I originally transferred a landline number to be my GV #, for a $10 or $20 one-time fee.) Works great, and you can even initiate calls and text people with a Chrome extension on the Mac.

Because of Apple’s privacy stance (and Google’s unfortunately poor one) and as Messages has gotten better, even on the Mac, I’ve mostly deprecated my use of Google Voice. Still, it works well, and I like having the option of having voicemail transcriptions auto-forwarded to my Gmail account, and there are advantages to having a 2nd phone number to give people.

The links @JohnAtl provided are good, as is the recommendation to Google your way to walk-thoughs.