How to use the keyboard to select a paragraph in macOS

I am writing a Keyboard Maestro macro to do some funky stuff with text from Obsidian. I did a quick search on how to select a paragraph with macOS just using the keyboard. I found that the right combo is:


According to this support article it should:

Extend text selection to the beginning of the current paragraph, then to the beginning of the following paragraph if pressed again.

This only seems to work in Apple apps. I tried it in Pages and it works fine. Same in Mail. However, it doesn’t work in Obsidian (ok…that’s an Electron app)…but it also doesn’t work in BBEdit.

Any thoughts on how to use the keyboard to select paragraphs?

In BBEdit: Command-L

@ryanjamurphy created a good Obsidian plugin that allow the keyboard shortcut you asked. The plugin is searchable inside Obsidian’s preferences “Community plugins” section.

here is the thread about that:

Other than ⌥⇧↑, you can also use ⌃⇧A in most macOS Text Field to achieve the same result. It’s part of UNIX shortcut.

my thread about this:


Yep - that’s perfect!