How to view iPhone extended call history ...?

My Toggl app seems to have completely lost (or just not tracked) several days worth of data, and I’m trying to collate what it thinks I have with several calls that would’ve coincided with the tracked data.

The problem is that my iPhone only goes back a fixed number of calls.

Is there an easy way to get a more extensive call history list? Ideally in a Mac app, so I don’t have to mess with it on my phone screen?

Can you get it from your Telco?

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Maybe, but not easily from what I can tell.

I think the iPhone itself only shows the last 100 calls.

I’m not aware of a way any Mac (or other) App could do this in the absence of previously-installed and configured profiles for MDM. I don’t think you can add it after the fact and “recover” that historical data.

I’m not sure what carrier you have, but with AT&T it’s quite easy to log in and see a detailed call (and data) history with number, date, time, and duration. (It’s under “See Data, Text, and Call Logs” in the Usage section of the site). I export this to an .xls (.csv also available) when I need to go through it.

I’m on Mint Mobile, and I don’t see a good way to get the data. I was hoping that maybe the iPhone has more than 100 calls in its memory, but it just can’t be accessed through the default UI.

Seems like a very low limit. :slight_smile:

Ahh, yes. MVNOs don’t provide them. (We have a Mint line too.)

Yes, I agree that 100 seems low. Unfortunately, I’m not aware of any option (excepting MDM) where you can get at the log. It doesn’t even give you a “per number” history that I can tell (I thought it did, but checking just now it doesn’t look like it?).

Oddly enough, if I delete calls then more show up at the bottom. So it’s there somewhere - just inaccessible, apparently?

Yeah, that I believe. In my memory (a dangerous thing!), you used to be able to go to an individual number or contact and see a history of calls with that person. It wasn’t infinite, but I know (think) it went back further than the 100 you see in the main list.