How trusthworthy is coconutBattery?

How trusthworthy is coconutBattery 3?

Today I went to the Apple Store to replace the battery of my (2017) iPad Pro because it hardly lasts until the end of the day and coconutBattery reports its remaining design capacity is about 70%. However, the Apple test software claims that the maximum capacity is over 90% of a battery in new condition and Apple therefore refuses to replace the battery (note that this is out of warranty and I was more than happy to pay for the replacement).

What are your experiences with coconutBattery?

Is this a valid test? (Obviously Apple thinks not and I’m never going to convince them otherwise, but I’m still curious…)

PS: My iPad looses 10% in 20 minutes; surely that can’t mean 90% maximum capacity?

It’s not reliable since iOS doesn’t provide proper APIs for third-party apps to check battery health. But failing batteries themselves are unreliable at reporting their condition. It’s hardware. And detecting hardware problems with software is as inane as “look, our sensors indicate there are no scratches on your screen” or “no screw loose inside your computer”. It means nothing because sensors can only detect this stuff shoddily at best. So whatever Apple says, if the battery is misbehaving, put it on video and insist they repair it.

I use it as a “last resort” option. It’s not reliable whatsoever.

What sort of battery life are you getting overall (say 100% to 20%)?

Good question; I should actually measure it once to have a precise answer.