How would you like to improve the AirPods?


Make them beep loudly when further then 10ft away…


@brian_renshaw I did not realize that is how they work with Siri.


My wife surprised me with a pair of AirPods for Christmas. She had heard me talk about them enough that she knew I was wanting them. After really trying to like them I finally gave up. The left one fit fine and fairly comfortably. The right one did not. It constantly worked its way out and was always slightly uncomfortable. They also never connected reliably. I never enjoyed using them and finally went back to a cheap pair of BT earbuds I bought on Amazon a few weeks ago. I guess my wish would be for a better/more comfortable fit. I just can’t see myself purchasing any again.

The upside is that my wife is now using them and she loves them. I even joked with her tonight that it must have been her plan all along😀! I kind of feel like I’m missing out when I see her using them so much but I guess they just weren’t for me.


I’m continuing to experiment with wearing the AirPods the “proper” way — hanging them off my ear rather than screwing them in. They always feel like they’re going to fall out. But they don’t.

I’m pretty confident that if one does fall out I can just retrieve it. My two concerns are that one might fall out and the dog gobbles it up before I can get to it. The dog already chewed up one of my AirPods previously. The dog love the earwax. I replaced it.

The other concern is that one falls out while I’m bent over picking up dog poop.


Waterproof, that’s it. Already had one replacement due to sweat.


Interesting, I’ve washed mine twice and wear them at the gym and they are still going strong. After washing I let them dry for a day and they connected again.


How did you wash them?


Another vote for fit my ears. Beats X fit my ears. AirPods don’t. I have the EarBudz but it is a pain to constantly put those on/off as you need to remove those to fit the AirPods back in the case.


Left them in my pocket and did the laundry. Washed and dried


For what it’s worth, until recently I thought the AirPods were a poor fit in my ears. I screwed them in so they would stay put. The stems stuck out at an odd angle. And touch sensitivity was unreliable.

Recently I concluded I’ve been wearing them wrong. You’re supposed to just HANG them off your ears. If you do a Google Image Search on “AirPods,” you’ll see what it should look like.

It feels like the AirPods are going to fall out. But they don’t. At least they haven’t so far. I’m not 100% convinced about this theory of wearing AirPods.


I love my AirPods. The only change I’d make is an app on Macs and iOS devices, sitting in the dock, where one click connects them to that device. I move AirPods between at least two, sometimes three, devices each day. I know, I’m quibbling over less than a minute each day, but….


There is a Better Touch Tool recipe that puts a 1-tap item in the BTT touch bar to connect to your AirPods. It’s a bit fiddly, the AppleScript needs to be edited by each user for the exact name of their AirPods, but works pretty well and could probably be adapted to run from a compiled AppleScript application that could live in the dock or used with a Keyboard Maestro trigger.


Have you tried Tooth Fairy?