How would you like to improve the AirPods?

Interesting Twitter thread. Rowan Trollope is the CEO of @FIVE9, former head of collaboration business unit at Cisco.

I want to see improved Siri, and improved hardware so Airpods are something you can wear all day. A tiny digital assistant whispering in your ear.

Support for “Hey Siri”. More gestures to trigger actions (ideally I’d like to be able set mine up so I can skip forward thirty seconds, skip back thirty seconds, go to the next and previous chapter/song, so four action options).


Better sealing lid – mine are in my pocket a lot and collect schmutz that needs cleaning out from inside of the case.


My ears are just not made for earbuds, so I don’t use any including AirPods. I would love it if Apple would sell over-ear headphones but as there aren’t any recent rumors I don’t hope for much. Also I love my Sony WH-1000MX3.

Apple owns Beats. Beats sells over-the-ear headphones such as the Beats Studio3.

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Increase their lifespan by having less battery degradation over time.


True. But I don’t like the Beats design. :grinning:

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Honestly if they just added native Siri integration I would be happy. Some better noise isolation would be welcome as well. Overall though, I am very satisfied with them. I think any improvements apart from Siri integration I probably won’t upgrade.

But then again I said that about my 10.5 iPad Pro and now I have the new 12.9 :grimacing:

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I don’t like their sound. The Studio 3 is not as bad as previous ones, but you don’t buy Beats for sound quality.

Wish list:

  1. Hey Siri
  2. Induction charging case
  3. for AirPower not to be vaporware :joy:

I really wish (having used them since Christmas 2018) that they would stay in my ears, earbuddyz help but they are too uncomfortable and don’t allow to be put in the charging case without being removed. Otherwise I love them.

Triple taps for an extra two actions. Siri that works (that’s not strictly an Airpod thing though)

For me. More colours and better battery. That’s it.

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I love the AirPods and use them constantly throughout the day.

My wish is volume control; physical gesture, like moving your finger up or down on the AirPod. Or could program the taps.

Not sure I understand what more Siri could do with the AirPods specifically. It is like I am using Siri on the iPhone. She responds pretty good, and with the AirPods I use Siri more.

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When you do “Hey Siri” it’s actually going to your phone not through the AirPods. If they had Siri integration you could say “Hey Siri” without the phone nearby or in your pocket.

If I could only make ONE change it would be a simple one: Better fit in my ears.

Until now I’ve screwed them in to make sure they stay in, and the stems stick out of my ears and look even funnier than they usually do.

Past couple of days I’ve experimented with just hanging them out of my ears. They look normal and are more comfortable but I’m worried they’ll fall out.

Do they actually fall out for you, though? I had to learn that they would feel loose but not actually fall out. I wouldn’t mind slightly grippier outer material, of course.

They have not yet fallen out. Couple of times I’ve adjusted them when they felt TOO loose.

They’re quite comfortable this way. I could literally wear them all day. And I hear ambient sound around them too (which most people consider a negative but I consider a plus). I’m hoping this experiment works.

I’m not too concerned about losing one. I figure if it falls, I’ll just pick it up. Can’t go far. However, I am usually wearing the AirPods while walking the dog and I’m concerned the dog will see the AirPod hit the ground and think “YUM! TREAT!” I’ve already lost one AirPod to a similar incident.

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Ha, nice. My fear is one bouncing down a sewer grate. It’s unlikely, but I’ve walked in a circle around them before to prevent that.


After more thought, I think the improvement I’d most like to see is better Find my Phone capability. Maybe I’m doing it wrong, but if I misplace the case, I want to locate the case with sound using the AirPods inside. It doesn’t work that way and the AirPods will only be located when they’re pulled out the case, which isn’t going to happen if they fall into a laundry basket. I realize that the case preserves battery by not communicating with paired devices, but I’d like it to at least try to phone home every five minutes or so.

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