Hue lights color changing etiquette when having people over?

So I was at a party on Saturday for St. Patrick’s Day. it was a group of us from college I hadn’t seen for a while. It was mostly held in the basement. The host had hue lights installed on the ceiling for the basement lighting. It was initially cool to see the colors change but after a while, it drove me crazy. It seemed like the room would also go from brightly lit to dimmer. I haven’t gotten into Hue lights yet, I just have a smart plug thing that I can control my nightstand light with my Google Home.

So people with Smart lights and Hue lights, what’s the etiquette with this? Did this party host cross a line? Would I have been rude to say “hey the lights changing are bothering me”?

I have a couple of Hue Go lights that wash a couple of corners of the room in very muted color – usually changing very slowly and not noticeably. Otherwise I don’t have the automation fuss with the other lights (all Hue) changing brightness or color away from white (2700K). I suppose like anything else when entertaining – food, or music, or room temp, etc. – the host should provide ambiance in line with their guests’ tastes. Seems your particular host might have not been aware of what works and what doesn’t with that particular crowd.

Sounds like a case of user error. For St. Patrick’s, the only correct color would be green, right?

I agree that constantly changing colors sounds annoying. Pointing it out politely and privately to the host should not get you in trouble.

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The disco lights effects drive me crazy too. I have some NanoLeaf smart panels which can do this too, but mine are set up for slow transitions which are really nice - and quite relaxing! I don’t think there’s anything wrong with saying that the lights are problematic - just like you’d let a host know if there’s an issue with a bathroom or a broken glass :slight_smile:

I have Hue lights which just dim or brightens and does not change color. But I usually set them a certain brightness and they stayed that way. I’d be annoyed if it dims and lightens up throughout. That would be like a strob light more than anything.

In the 80ies proper basement parties had a stroboscope light and blinking “traffic lights”. Really, party etiquette? I’d say: my party, my rules. :wink:

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I don’t think it would hurt to mention it. especially if they are a friend.

I sometimes use the Thunderstorm or Disco apps - just to keep the neighbors wondering why my house is flashing and changing colors :grin:

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Thanks all, I’m sure it was in good intention. Plus it could have been before I got their people were asked if it bothered them. I’ll let it go and maybe it’s more a personal preference.