Husky Tool Chest Cult Home Office Version 2

I did join the Sparky Husky Tool Chest Cult many year ago. But a couple of years ago, I had the chance to move to a very nice house in a rural part of Quebec near Montreal. My chance to setup my “Andor Studio” :slight_smile: So this is my new office. My Husky Tool Chest still stores my photography gear and some of my computer gear for my home office. The tall walls allowed me to display my photography which I’m very proud of even if it is only for my own pleasure.

Always inspired by @MacSparky, this is my latest attempt in Office Setup.

My goal was still to get an ultra clean desktop with no cables showing. I managed to hide most of them under the desk and using a Grovemade Desk shelf. I have two power bars, one plugged to a ups, the other one, to a surge protector. I still have a few more cables to hide

Here are the most interesting things in my opinion.

1. Lightings
a. Benq e-Reading Computer ScreenBar sitting on top my DELL U24. My favorite!
b. Nanoleaf Modular Light Panels on the left of my desk. It lights up my search expedition in my filing cabinet as well as myself during Facetime/Zoom/Teams calls.
c. A vintage looking suspended light in the middle of the office connected to a Lutron Dimmer Switch (automated via Habitat, Home Assistant)
2. Desk features
a. A Mac Studio M1 Max
b. A Studio Display mounted on a retractable arm.
c. A DELL U24 also mounted on a retractable arm.
d. A Mac Book Pro M2
e. A Caldigit Hub. I use it to connect either my laptop or Mac Studio to all my monitors (Office mode vs Home/Leisure mode)
d. External drives including a RAID 0 - 4 SSD disks for maximum speed. Yes, all backed up using local drives and a Synology Drive backing up offsite to another Synology. I’m using Synology Drive as my Dropbox replacement.
e. A Grovemade Desk Shelf. I love having a shelf to put stuff up out of the way.
f. Logitech MX Keys because everybody does :slight_smile:
g. Wireless Trackpad connected by wire to Caldigit hub for no headache switch between laptop and Mac Studio.
3. Office features
a. The Husky Tool Chest of course. I didn’t carve out foams to put everything in specific slots but I’m also a new member of the Gridfinity Cult :slight_smile: So, bins are coming…
b. Umbra Hangup Photo Display Cloth lines.
c. Serena by Lutron Shades. Automated via Hubitat. I use a temperature sensor stuck to the window to control the height of the shades during the day. Simply put, on hot sunny summer days, it closes. On sunny cool winter days, it opens!
d. Sonos One SL because Sonos…

Let me know if you have any questions.…


What a stellar set up, @lmmalouin :star2:


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I am VERY jealous. That looks like an amazing setup.

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Thanks! Always a work in progress!