Hyper key with BTT but not caps lock?

I see how to enable caps lock for hyper using BTT, but I already have my caps lock set to control, and muscle memory is far too engrained at this point to change that. I’d love to use a different key, perhaps the rightmost command or option key on my Logitech keyboard. I can’t find a way to do that with BTT, but my knowledge of the tool is limited. Is it possible or do I need to turn to a different solution (such as Karabiner Elements)?


As far as I can tell, it appears that BTT only works with Caps Lock. I could not see how to set it to any other key.

I did find this from @MacSparky:

In which he writes in part, “BetterTouchTool has added the a new feature that lets you map the hyper key combination to any key (including caps lock).”

So maybe he could add to this discussion.

I use Karabiner, although I use Caps Lock as Hyper.

You can set it to anything via Karabiner rules:

If none of these presets suit you, you can download one and modify the karabiner.json file for the key that you want.

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Thanks, everyone. I’ve recently swapped out my HHKB Pro2 for a logitech keyboard with an astounding number of keys :slight_smile: , including a numpad. I might use the extra key real-estate to set up some KB conflict palettes before I install another tool.