Hyper-scheduling app recommendation

What are some recommended apps for hyper scheduling / time blocking / calendar painting (or whatever you want to call it) on macOS and iOS?

Primarily, I’d like to be able to select and move around multiple calendar entries in bulk.

But changing the length of a calendar entry easily is also pretty important.

This might help for Apple Calendar/Mac.


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I’m doing my time blocking analog, using a bullet journal.

It’s easy to move items in most calendar apps using Cmd+Click on macOS. However, you have to select them one by one, which can get tedious if you need to push off a handful of blocks off by half an hour or something. I was wondering if there was an app that made selection easier (cmd+click+drag or something).

Both of these are impossible on iOS from the apps I’ve looked as (Calendar, BusyCal, Fantastical). You have to move entries one by one.

Screencastsonline just reviewed the iOS app called Sorted. I am playing with it now. It easily allows you to select multiple items and move them to a different time by activating a timeline and moving selected items forward or back by the minute, hour or whatever. It will also auto schedule items based on the duration time you have entered, when items are not due at a certain time. When entering an item like this, leave the “anytime” radio button toggled on (don’t enter a time of day). Then when you select multiple items on your list you hit auto schedule and the app rearranges them based on duration. It will work around those existing appointments that are hard scheduled into your calendar. Pretty neat so far.

Week Calendar makes batch operations like that really easy! You don’t need the Pro subscription for it.

It’s not the sexiest, but it’s robust and has loads of functionality.

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