Hyperdeck: Markdown Presentation Software

Hyperdeck is very interesting. Been playing around with the beta for the last few weeks and it’s well done.

If you’re into Markdown and can give presentations from the iPad, this is worth checking out.


Doesn’t look like it exports to PowerPoint.

Yeah, that’s why I mentioned you’d have to be able to give presentations from an iPad. It’d be great if it had export options, but it is good at what it does.

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This is interesting. Thanks for posting. There is a similar feature that Obsidian offers in which you can present markdown notes as slide but, I have not tried that feature yet. I need to think more about potential use cases for this.

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http://www.decksetapp.com/ is a macOS equivalent. It’s been around a bit and I’ve used it some, but most of my presentations are given via the iPad since I have a Mac mini, which is why Hyperdeck appeals to me.