Hyperfocused: Launch and arrange apps across multiple monitors

Hello! I find it annoying to reopen apps for different modes like work, personal projects, and studying so I built something to help me context-switch faster ā€“ Hyperfocused

I made a free trial so try it out and let me know what you think!


Hi, and welcome to MPU!
I have downloaded your trial.
Is there somewhere a documentation available?
I normally have on one of my monitors two different windows of Omnifocus and the Fantastical Window.
Currently I managed to get Fantastical and one Omnifocus Window into your App, but I am not able to get the second OF Window in there.
Is this not possible (yet?), or how do I have to do this?
I am also using different workspaces (currently 6 on my Main Monitor, and 5 and 3 on the other two monitors) on my monitors. How could I do the setup for this?


Hey, thanks for trying it out!

Iā€™m not familiar with Omnifocus or Fantastical Window. Does Omnifocus let you open two different windows through files?

Could you explain more what setup you need for the workspaces?

You could open several Instances (several Windows) of the same app with macOS. There might be restrictions on this, but I think this works with every App, and as much Instances, as your RAM is able to handle.
So I have Omnifocus running with two Instances on the left half of one monitor. The upper 1/5 is showing the Inbox, and the lower window with approximately 4/5 of the monitor hight is showing other Tabs of Omnifocus. On the right half of this monitor I have Fantastical running.

On macOS you could use workspaces to get a better overview over your open Apps. If you run an App in the Fullscreenmode (or similar name in English - the mode you reach with the green dot on the upper left corner of an app) this App is taking its own workspace, and you could switch between different workspaces with e.g. a three finger swipe on a Touchpad.
Here you can find some more informations from Apple about this