Hyperkey is now free, and if you bought it, you can get a free Superkey license

Ryan Hanson, one of my favorite indie devs for his UX creativity and responsiveness to suggestions, has a new app called Superkey. It bakes in the functionality of Hyperkey as well as some kind of screen-wide highlighting of any text you type via OCR.

I actually can’t really test it because I’m not on macOS 12+. But I thought it worth mentioning because Hyperkey is now free, and if you purchased it in the past, updating to the newest version will give you a 100% coupon off Superkey.


looks a bit like wooshy and the other apps discussed in that thread?

It is interesting, that the Website is mentioning a way to use the Hyperkey function also with KM, because KM is, as far as I remember, able to set a Hyperkey itself, so if you have KM, there seems to be no need for the Hyperkey-App.

KM doesn’t have a hyper key, BTT does though.

I had a lock back into this, and I remembered, that I “got” my Hyperkey from the KM Fieldguide, but it seem that there the Karabiner Element was the App, they where using to get this done.

But I actually wonder, why it might not be possible, to get a hyper key also out of KM, with “just” a Macro that replaces the Input?

Non-technically speaking, KM doesn’t allow for standalone modifier keys as triggers. It also, AFAIK, doesn’t allow for a keystroke action to be modifier(s) without a key to modify. So, for example, A trigger of Caps Lock to keystroke ⌃⌥⇧⌘ isn’t a thing in KM.


This is one of the things I found really impressive about Typinator. Keys are pretty much just keys. You can define an expansion to be triggered by, e.g. ddd⇧⇧(three d’s followed by tapping shift twice) or even ⌘⌘⌃ (tap command twice, then tap control).

And one of my favorites: ⇧⇧ (tap shift twice) expands to {key:⌘⇢}{return}, meaning, jump to the end of the line (command+right arrow) and press return.

I suggested this on the KM forum, and the response was “Interesting. Noted.”

As a test I uninstalled Karabiner Elements and used HyperKey instead (to map Caps Lock to Hyper). Works great so far (1 work day)!

I also enabled regular Caps Lock functionality with a short tap on Caps Lock, but I had to disable that again, because I hit that key accidentally way too often… (side effect of using it for Hyper only before?)

I am trying it out, seems cool so far, I like that you can still use caps lock if you press it quickly (you need to set it up in preferences)