I am looking for a time signal

to improve my getting worse feeling for time, I am looking for an app that is, ideally, giving me every 15Min a little shaker with my AW.
If this is not available, I would also take an other way (Beside maybe setting 56 Alarms in the morning) to get every 15Min a signal.
Does anyone knows an app that is proving this possibility, or knows an other way to achieve this with iPhone or Apple Watch?

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Looks like you could set one reminder in Due.app with a 15 minute snooze. Then hit snooze each time it goes off.

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I tried that already with the Apple Clock Alarm, but it is not really working for me. On one hand I too often hit stop, instead of snooze, and on the other hand, I do want to get just some kind of “gentle” information. A tickle with the Watch, a single Ping or something like that, without the need for further action from my site.
When I was young, we had a Cuckoo clock in our living room, that I was able to hear thru the whole house, if it was quite otherwise.
This clock gave every 15 Min. a little signal, and every 30 Min the Cuckoo was hearable. 24/7
When I was in the military, I was able to guess time with only a few seconds for every 15 Minutes discrepancy. But this is some quarter of an century away.
Today I have often a problem with guessing time, as I am often find myself in the situation, that I have the feeling to do something only for “a few minutes”, just to figure out that sometimes even hours are gone by.

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I haven’t tested this, but in the Apple Watch app, under Accessibility there’s a Chimes option which you can set to alert you every 15 mins. It appears you can’t turn off the sound, but if you have your watch set to silent I’d assume it would just give you a haptic tap.

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Apple Watch has this built in – see under Taptic Chimes here:


Perfect!! :grinning:
That was exactly the function I was looking for!
Thank you very much!

Does this take your sleep schedule into account?

It’s not the solution you were requesting, but wouldn’t perhaps some kind of Pomodoro timer help with this?