I am trying a new setup.. Do you guys see any concerns with this?

Since getting the Studio display, I am attempting a setup where the m1 macbook is behind the display. it has been working great for a couple of days. I only take it off when I want to work from the kitchen or elsewhere.

My query is that do you guys see any issues with this setup?


Is the MacBook securely attached. No accidental movement to the table will cause it to drop. I would be only worried if heat issue though underneath the MacBook.

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Good point @sangadi … It is not securely attached. it is sitting on the notebook tray in a slant position. so, suppose, if there is a readable bump to the desk, the macbook may fall… not sure… will try to work something out on that… good idea.

Heat isn’t an issue (according to me) because the tray it self has holes so there is enough air going there.

If you secure it, it should be great!

@tim_walker @sangadi any ideas on how to secure it?

You can use Velcro Straps and go around One loop horizontally and one loop vertically (Sort of Cross Hairs). I would want to eliminate the MacBook dropping for sliding sideways of off the tray. If you re removing the laptop everyday it might not be a good solution. I would not use any clamps for fear of damaging the MacBook lid due to pressure

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this is the notebook tray I have:

perhaps, something like this will be better:

No issues with the setup…heat should not be an issue. Would definitely swap the trays out.

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Can you put the Laptop Tray Horizontally? Or far more horizontally?

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This is how I would try to secure it