I apologize for my overreaction

Last night I made a post to the forum in frustration over something which was, objectively, fairly minor, but it caught me in an already bad and frustrated mood, and I overreacted.

I could have said what I wanted to say much better than I said it, and I should have.

I have often said that the MPU forums are one of the good places on the Internet, and I made it less good. I regret that, and I apologize, not only to the two people it was originally directed at, but also to the others who read it and who (properly!) flagged it as inappropriate.

Right now with everything going on, we all ought to be cutting each other a little more slack than usual, and I completely fell short of that. I will make a sincere effort to do better.


I just found this place and think it is great
its fine man, let it go and move on
I appreciate your contributions

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Never saw the original but like most others here, I accept your apology. You’ve provided good input here.


From you, the gold clearly outweighs the dross. Anyone stopping by here for a while sees that. So, be easy on yourself :slight_smile:


We all have bad days. Kudos for apologising and have a great day.

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Can happen to all of us – and if you’ve been on the Internet long enough, it does happen to all of us. What matters is to notice it and move forward! So, let’s move forward! :slight_smile:

Didn’t see the post. But from your previous posts, and the fact that you regret it, I’d chalk it up as a one off and move on. :+1:t3:


I did not see your post but I must say how appreciative I am of the character displayed by this post. Just think how much better our culture would be if more people followed your example of humility and graciousness! We all blow it but few are willing to admit it and to apologize. If we did, we would all be better for it. Thank YOU for make this forum a better place by being here.


I always enjoy reading your posts. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experiences with us. And thank you for such a heartfelt apology to the group. We can all learn a lesson from your post today. Take care.

I wouldn’t worry about it, I was following the same thread and watched it all as it happened. I think you were right (I was annoyed too) and the tone in your post wasn’t that bad.

Everyone has bad days now and then. It’s how you deal with them that counts.
I think you handled this well.

I just hope users that were looking for the delete account button will read this before they leave. (Too late for @wolfie, who apparently left since his name does not come up anymore)

Times are strange, tensions rise.
Let’s just strive to keep this the safe place it has always been.


Well, that’s a shame. I tried to send him an apology via PM when his account was still active, but the system said he was not accepting messages at this time, which is one of the reasons I posted this here, in the hopes that he would see it.

Which is a reminder that an apology cannot undo the past.


True, it’s not possible to get the toothpaste back in the tube but nonetheless, if we believe we have done wrong it is always right to apologize. Heck, I apologize to my wife when I know I’m right. :slight_smile:

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Oh yes, it was not my intention to suggest that an apology is not the right thing to do, only that it is not the same as undoing what was done.

I’m definitely not going to say that I laughed at that, but I may have laughed at that.


I know, I was merely affirming*what you did. :slight_smile:

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