I bought a Samsung Galaxy S7 Fe (Tablet) and I'm impressed by the S-Pen

Hi there!

Not so long ago I sold my Ipad Pro M1 because I barely used the thing and I felt terrible having spent a big amount of money only for it to be catching dust or just take simple notes with it, like come on, almost 1000 USD (at least in my country) for a device to take notes. Although I’ll admit I made a mistake getting a Pro instead of an Air, but I was impatient and couldn’t wait until the stock arrived. This of course not considering that I also had to buy an apple pencil (2nd gen) and other not so expensive accessories like a cover, which really are irrelevant.

Months passed and I felt the need again to take notes with a tablet, the thing is that still the iPad Air was too much for what I really wanted to have, an infinite canvas, colors and export my notes. So I started to dig in youtube and reddit looking for options and the winner was the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE which I got new from a retailer by the cheap price of 250 USD (S-Pen included free).

I received today my device and I have to say I’m amazed, the screen looks great (although in the reviews I saw it was mid range) for me, it doesn’t have the 120 hz but I couldn’t care less, the size on this thing is AMAZING, the quality if the materials is pretty good and finally the S-Pen is for me at least a lot better than the apple pencil.

The S-pen doesn’t need to be charged, it can stick to the sides and the tip generates a cool writing feel against the screen, I’m going to mention again that it was free and not because of a promotion or something, it is included in the box of this devices. For me it feels like a pen, not like against paper but against something more “soft” while at the same time not feeling awkward or strange enough to make me invest in a paperlike screen. In fact, I’m not going to buy one for this tablet.

To write and make my notes I’m using Concepts, I could log in with my apple credentials in this samsung version of the app and I didn’t need to buy again the subscription or anything (happy feeling).

Lastly, the cameras for sure aren’t top notch like in the ipad but again, I just wanted an infinite canvas for notes, and I can get an SSD to not be limited by the storage inside the device.

Honestly I hope apple can at some point make a device that isn’t a powerhouse and therefore cheaper to only take notes, because for me in terms of price-benefit this tablet is a lot better than the base iPad (I know because my sister has one and I considered getting it) which still needs the 1st gen apple pencil (awful design to charge that thing), has a button below the screen and is limited in terms of storage. With this samsung tablet I have a free stylus, infinite canvas, good color and a lot of storage; really I couldn’t ask for more.

Please apple, I’m not a designer, video editor, publisher or photo editor at the same time to justify getting a device like and iPad. I’m a normal person that just wants to take notes in an infinite space, for everything else I have my iPhone and my Mac.


Hey @Jvet does the pen come with the unit or separate purchase?

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It comes free with the unit inside the box.


If you have a Mac MKBHD says you can use AirMessage to get iMessage on Android.

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I’ll try that, thank you.